Monday, November 28, 2011

Studio Bits Part 1

My first semester at SCAD was full of studio exploration, and while I didn't finish a single thing that I'd be ready to exhibit I'm really excited about a couple of the directions I'm going in.


I started out with these felted cup forms, which some of you that know my work will recognize. Ever since I made Cold Comfort and it started to rust uncontrollably I've been wanting to use the rusting process in my work, especially recently as I've been thinking about natural cycles of growth and decay.  So I blended steel wool in with my wool roving and allowed them to rust over the course of several weeks.
I'm also excited about the marks the rust left on the surface of the fabric they were sitting on.

I ended up setting these aside after I got the rust action I wanted.  I have the tendency to go into production mode and just geek out on a single action, like making felted cup forms for weeks on end.  Probably not the best use of my time during what was supposed to be an exploratory quarter.  But I'm sure they will be back soon, I have ideas to cover entire walls with these things and document the rusting in time lapse video.

I've also been doing some knitting, inspired by my studio mate Amelia, who taught me the random lace pattern I used below.  I had been looking at electron scanning microscope images of plants from Kew Gardens and then went into the studio that night to see some of Amelia's swatches and got really excited about the similarity.  Not sure what this might turn into but I like it.

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