Monday, May 14, 2012

Rusting Experiments Continued

Steel Wool Imbedded In Wool Felt:

As the Steel Wool rusts it falls out of the felt as iron oxide dust.  Eventually it will all be transformed to this dust, leaving only the stain on the wool where it once was.  


  1. Hello, I am an a-level textiles student and am looking at rust for my current project. I was wondering if you could tell me how you did this as i love felting ans this would fit perfectly with my project. It is beautiful! Thank you :)

  2. Hi Jasmin,

    I just pulled small amounts of steel wool off the pad and layered it alternately with wool roving, then wet felted them together. As long as the wool fibers are able to work their way through the steel it will all lock together. Then let it dry and it will start rusting, and if you want faster/more even rust color spray some salt water or vinegar or peroxide on there. You will get slightly different colors depending on what you use to speed the rust, so its fun to experiment. Hope that helps and good luck with your project.