Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 2013

I've just finished the first week of my residency at Contemporary Craft here in Pittsburgh.  I'm working on a fiber installation that's inspired by natural processes of decay. The installation will grow over time to completely engulf the space by the end of August, and is made up of a couple different components. One component is made up of these felted cup forms inspired by moss, lichen, and mold, shown here at the end of day two:

There just so happens to be this lovely tree outside my workspace, which provided me with my color palette. I'm doing a bit of natural dying using locally foraged plants to get some of my colors.  Shown below are samples dyed with a mixture of Queen Anne's lace and Golden Alexander, using Iron and Copper Mordants. 

This yarn is going to be used for another component of the installation, a large vine that will grow across the back wall and into the space, which just got started today.

 I'm hoping to make weekly updates on the installation as it grows, so check back often, or follow the Contemporary Craft Tumblr which will also be posting updates.

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