Monday, September 9, 2013

Overgrowth Final Installation Shots

I've been back in Savannah for a week now and it has taken this long just to get back into the swing of things and go through my final images of Overgrowth.  The project was designed to take 3 months and when that time was done so was the piece.  I'm sure I could have spent another 3 months making felt and covering the space, but it was nice to have that cut off date to force me to some creative decisions for engaging the space.  A few little sections of my felted "mold" on the outside of the glass case ended up being my favorite parts, like new spores breaking off and beginning to spread. The piece will remain on display in Contemporary Craft's lobby until the end of the month!

Since I won't be on hand to talk to visitors about the project and the dyes I used I left this little display with some swatches of my naturally dyed wool and a vase with some of the dried plant materials.

I'll be getting back into my studio this week and the next 2 months will be busy busy busy with finishing my thesis exhibition, which opens November 1st at Ashmore Gallery here in Savannah.

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  1. You are beyond cool! This one is my favorite installation yet!