Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Studio Explorations

After finishing all the work for my thesis this fall I've found myself a bit at loose ends, which is a good thing, as it's allowed me time to explore several different directions.  I've been doing some more weaving, using similar imagery that I used in the rusted work, but using naturally dyed yarns instead.  Here is a small sample I wove using some wool I dyed at the end of the summer in Pittsburgh. The green comes from goldenrod treated with Iron.

Dappled (Green), Wool, 14" x 24"

Dappled (Green) detail

  I've also been working on more embroidery on paper pieces, completing a couple larger ones. 

Emergence I,  Embroidery on Paper,  20" x 16"
Emergence I detail

Emergence II,  Embroidery on Paper,  20" x 16"
Emergence II detail

Finally, I've been going through some of my early rusted woven samples that are beginning to deteriorate past the point of being able to show or even move easily.  I've decided to do some rust printing with these pieces, essentially taking an impression from the rust surface.  The printed linen on the left below will survive much longer than the original woven piece on the right.  I think this impression will be the first step in a layered  piece, and I plan to experiment with some embroidery and applique on top.
Impression, in progress

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