Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paducah is lovely in June...

I'm spending the month of June in Paducah, Kentucky at the Paducah Arts Alliance Artist in Residence Studio.  I arrived Monday night and got settled in yesterday.  The studio is huge and open and super bright. And there's an entire shelf of tools and left over bits to play with.
 My goal is to create a large scale installation based on my slime mold studies.  Here's my large study hanging up in the store front gallery in Paducah.  Not such a great color combination with the walls...
So I'm planning on making this new installation with natural white yarn on steel wire instead of aluminum and strategically rusting some sections, which ties the work back to my more recent explorations in the studio and will fit better into the site. Here's yesterdays test piece.

I'm planning on updating my progress every few days so check back soon.  
Also, there is an amazing tree outside the studio with leaves bigger than my face!

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