Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rusting and Felting

Sometimes I need to take a break from all the weaving and do something a bit more physical.  I've purposely avoided doing much felting while in grad school since I've done so much of it before, and because its so low tech and I feel I need to take advantage of all the great facilities at SCAD while I can.

A couple weeks ago I just got tired of staring at a computer and at my tapestry warp and had to do something different. I did some early experiments with felting and steel wool, and I wanted to get back to that and try to have the rust appear in just portions of the felt.

I'm not to sure of the forms these are taking, it was really just the first shape that came to mind, one that I've made in felt in the past.  But I'm happy with how the rust and the color turned out, and I think this process will come up again in some future work.

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  1. Most interesting. I would never have thought to combine steel wool with felting. You achieved some beautiful results.